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A weekly newsletter with curated summary of developments in Earth Observation along with insights and analysis on the evolution of the EO sector, called “Last Week in Earth Observation

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A deep dive on specific market segments within Earth Observation or long-form piece with case studies demonstrating the value of satellite data.

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    • Topics: EO for emissions monitoring, EO for carbon monitoring, EO for wildfire monitoring, EO for infrastructure (utilities) and more.

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    • Investment trends in EO and EO-related companies from the past quarter

    • Major trends and announcements from the past quarter

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The readers of the free newsletter include professionals in the Earth observation sector, end-users of EO, researchers, investors, policymakers and some general EO enthusiasts.

  • Just over 1/3rd of readers are end-users of EO (from banking, insurance, agriculture, mining, utilities etc.)

  • Almost 2/3rds of the readers are EO professionals and researchers

  • Some of the readers are investors, policymakers and journalists

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As of July 2023, the free version of the TerraWatch Space newsletter and blog is read by over 7,800 subscribers, originating from 123 countries, with an average of 8,000 views per article.



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