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TerraWatch Space by Aravind
8-Things Earth Observation 🌍 🛰 : Q2 2022
Hey! It’s been a while! Welcome to “8-Things EO” in which I take a deeper look at some developments in EO from the last quarter - lazily categorised into 8 sections. Disclaimer: Please don’t treat this as an exhaustive list of all things that happened in EO, but rather an analysis of where the industry is going from a highly opinionated and happily inde…
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TerraWatch Space by Aravind
From GHG to ESG: Demystifying Earth Observation for Climate
Disclaimer: This post does not reflect the views of any organisation that I am associated with. It is my personal attempt at sharing my understanding of the relevance of Earth observation for the climate ecosystem. If you have any comments, please send it to me directly. Thanks…
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